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  • Roles:-General Hospital(1976-1981) -Seven brides for seven brothers(1982-1983) -Emerald point NAS(1983-1984) -Macgyver(1985-1992) -Legend(1995) &nnbsp; -Stargate sg1(1997- to date) TV movies:young doctors in love (1982) ordinary heroes(1986) odd jobs(1986) in the eyes of a stranger(1991) through the eyes of a killer(1992) Macgyver: lost treasure of Atlantis(1993) trail to doomsday(1993) beyond betrayal(1994) past the bleachers(1995) firehouse(1996) pandoras clock(1996) TRIVIA:-Richard wanted to play professionnal hockey.however at 16 he broke both his arms,in separate accidents , leaving him in hospital for three months and with pins in his right arms. -at 17 he took a 5641 mile bicycle trip accross Canada and Alaska.He set off with 2 friends but they both failed to lst the distance! -worked as a street mime and juggler before landing a job at Marineland, where part of his role was to hold a fish in his mouth for the killer whale to snatch! -Richard was in a band called ricky dean annd dante with his friends Carl Dante where he both sang and played guitar. -Richard is extremely near sighted and claims that asking to wear his glasses when he read for the part of macgyver won him his role. -The gekko film corporation is so named after richard found a gekko sitting on his chest during a holiday in Tahiti. -Richard says "dogs are my favourite people"and to that end he has an australian shepperd called zoe which he has had since she was a puppy. -richard founded the celebrity all stars hockey team , a collection of hockey enthusiasts from the sports and entertainment world who play in NHL cities troughout the usa for charity. -Richard was chosen to be the honorary captain of team USA , the united states olympic hockey team in both 1988 and 1992. -Richard composed the piece of music"eau d'leo" used in the macgyver episode "the negociator"




true the eyes of a killer

  • Cast & Crew: Richard Dean Anderson, Marg Helgenberger, Tippi Hedren, David Marshall Grant, Melinda Culea directed by Peter Markle more ยป Synopsis: Based on Christopher Fowler's short story "The Master Builder," this tense drama centers on an attractive New York publisher who thinks she may have met the man of her dreams when he arrives to fix up her new home. But "Mr. Right" is hiding a secret that just may turn out to be deadly.

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  • "Dogs are my favorite people." Richard Dean Anderson quotes


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  • Name: ANDERSON First name: Richard Dean Birth: 01/23/1950 Minneapolis,Minnesota.USA Family:parents:Stuart(was a teacher and jazz musician) and jocelyn(sculptor/painter) .Three brothers:Jeffrey Scott,Thomas John and James Astrological sign: aquarius ascendant Gemini Status: an eternal bachelor Roots: rda has mixed blood:swedish,irish,norvegian and indian mohawk Passions:NATURE,MUSIC,ARTS,SPORTS(hockey, baseball ,ski...) Height: 6''2(188 cm) Hairs colour:naturally medium brown but now mostly silver Eyes:very dark brown(richard prefers to say black!) Occupations:actor,Producer,environmental campaigner Commitments:MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION,CELEBRITY ALL STAR HOCKEY TEAM,SEA SHEPPERD CONSERVATION SOCIETY Children: one daughter WYLIE QUINN ANNAROSE born august 2nd 1998,birth weight: 71bs,11oz(mother: apryl prose) Residences:Malibu,California;log cabin in Minnesota Education:Lake Owassa grade school;St Cloud State University(Minnesota);Ohio University

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