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Roles:-General Hospital(1976-1981) -Seven brides for seven brothers(1982-1983) -Emerald point NAS(1983-1984) -Macgyver(1985-1992) -Legend(1995) &nnbsp; -Stargate sg1(1997- to date) TV movies:young doctors in love (1982) ordinary heroes(1986) odd jobs(1986) in the eyes of a stranger(1991) through the eyes of a killer(1992) Macgyver: lost treasure of Atlantis(1993) trail to doomsday(1993) beyond betrayal(1994) past the bleachers(1995) firehouse(1996) pandoras clock(1996) TRIVIA:-Richard wanted to play professionnal hockey.however at 16 he broke both his arms,in separate accidents , leaving him in hospital for three months and with pins in his right arms. -at 17 he took a 5641 mile bicycle trip accross Canada and Alaska.He set off with 2 friends but they both failed to lst the distance! -worked as a street mime and juggler before landing a job at Marineland, where part of his role was to hold a fish in his mouth for the killer whale to snatch! -Richard was in a band called ricky dean annd dante with his friends Carl Dante where he both sang and played guitar. -Richard is extremely near sighted and claims that asking to wear his glasses when he read for the part of macgyver won him his role. -The gekko film corporation is so named after richard found a gekko sitting on his chest during a holiday in Tahiti. -Richard says "dogs are my favourite people"and to that end he has an australian shepperd called zoe which he has had since she was a puppy. -richard founded the celebrity all stars hockey team , a collection of hockey enthusiasts from the sports and entertainment world who play in NHL cities troughout the usa for charity. -Richard was chosen to be the honorary captain of team USA , the united states olympic hockey team in both 1988 and 1992. -Richard composed the piece of music"eau d'leo" used in the macgyver episode "the negociator"

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